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23 February 2023 @ 11:23 pm


friends only

currently not adding new friends.
i'm so sorry, but i try to make it as private as possible.
if i know you from twitter or other soc-med, let's get along.

only talk about personal matters and random flailing over my fandom.
i'm a nice girl, but will not add you back if i don't know you or if you suddenly appear out of the blue :p
will provide proper profile about me soon.

kame is mine
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18 May 2017 @ 12:03 pm
There are tons of kame and pi on my IG... and well... they're such good friends.
17 February 2016 @ 05:20 pm

You know what.... tumblr is BANNED in my country.

01 January 2015 @ 06:46 am

Happy new year all pals here :)
Let's stay and built our beautiful fandom once again...

22 March 2014 @ 12:19 am
#kattun祝8周年 #KATTUN_8thAnniversary

can't believe i've been here so far.
gratefull to grow up with you.
thank you for all the happiness and all tge drama.
what a history!

p.s. almost cry now... :)

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